Medical Mask_

Polyphotonix is a UK based medical product company who have been developing Noctura 400, a light-therapy sleep mask for the treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy. The patient wears the mask each night for up to 8 hours and the mask emits a specific frequency of light as a form of treatment. Usage data can be compared to eye scans to monitor the patient’s Diabetic Retinopathy.

The brief was to improve their first version of the fabric part of the mask in response to user trials and compliance data. The new mask had to resolve issues with comfort, quality, styling and fit, yet still utilise the existing hardware which housed the batteries and LEDs. Through collaboration with textile specialists, data analysts and Polyphotonix’s manufacturer in Taiwan, we refined the mask with numerous prototypes and further user trials.
A major constraint was to design the mask in such a way that a single size was suitable for the widest demographic possible; however this was complicated by the fact that the light-emitting hardware had to be kept firmly in place in order to provide proper treatment.

Through the use of technical performance fabrics commonly used in swimwear, we refined the mask to provide a comfortable fit that didn’t put pressure on easily irritated parts of the face, such as the nose bridge and eye sockets.