Match Pot: Process_

Through experimentation with many combinations and proportions of various filler materials, I produced two small batches of match pots containing crushed basalt and slate powder.

Graphite powder was used as a secondary filler in each of the pots to influence how they felt to touch. Known for its lubricating properties, the graphite created a silky smooth outer surface and improved the overall feel of the stone-like qualities you get from unfilled Jesmonite.
Adjusting the ratios of the powders was required as another property of graphite (an allotrope of carbon) is its ability to absorb a high quantity of liquid relative to its volume- this resulted in issues when mixing the liquid jesmonite prior to casting.

The silicone bungs used to seal each pot are made using a four-part aluminium tool. The polished surface produces a clear, blemish free part which acts as a window to check how many matches are left. It sits flush with the base of each pot, a tapered hole providing the means to remove the lid using a matchstick.