Pinhole Camera: Process_

A core part of the pinhole camera was to create something that felt just as refined to use as its Japanese digital counterpart. Testing the tactility of the mechanisms was as important as how well they worked; as such, much of the development was spent making models of individual parts and tweaking them until they felt right.
Once we had developed the form and obtained our first photos (after many disappointing trips to the film developers) we worked with several specialist companies to produce the final prototypes.

 pinholedevelopment

Version Two_

The goal for the first camera was to produce a working prototype to exhibit in New York. Following the show we decided to further develop the camera and address some of the issues with the first model.

Each component has been tweaked or overhauled to make the camera suitable for mass production and more refined in its operation. One of the major improvements was removing the requirement for adhesives during assembly. All of the components now fit together through mechanical means including snap-fits and crus-ribs.